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I started my career in Hotel Management (working 100 hours a week and smoking 2 packs a day). I realised very quickly that this life was never going to be sustainable for me. I quit smoking and I made a switch to banking and financial markets. After some very good 12 yrs I took a sabbatical and during this period I lived in Rio de Janeiro and traveled through Australia. After this sabbatical I went back into Financing as a freelance consultant. My career took me to many different places (Boston, Shanghai, Paris, Brussels, Luxembourg) and I loved that experience. On the other hand it always felt that there was something missing for me.

In 2011 I started my own health journey. I have always been active, running and playing squash however in 2011 I added crossfit to my activities. As I increased my physical activities I had to become more and more aware of my nutrition. A long the road I started drinking less and less and I stopped drinking in February 2017, which totally felt natural and not at all like a sacrifice. The latest part of my health journey was a mental one. Having attended and more so I been inspired by Byron Katie and Dr Joe Dispenza. Both their work is now part of my routine.

My journey is far from over, but I am loving every step of the way. Right now I am embracing Minimalism and Wim Hof’s work - exposure to cold plus breathing technique. I believe this to be super beneficial for my energy and health.

Working with me
  • increased energy
  • control over your life
  • increased happiness and satisfaction
  • better work/life balance
I am looking forward to hear your story, send me a message and we can schedule a free first session

Beoordelingen door klanten

Ashna Hoelasie
" I have experienced Bas as a professional involved coach. He is very capable of asking the right questions to get me thinking and them moving or acting. He keeps asking to get to the core, but he does this in an honest and safe way with the goal always to help me discover, grow and develop. I have benefited a lot from the coaching process in both personal (lifestyle & health) and professional areas."
Ashna Hoelasie
Nancy Wadilie
Ik ben heel tevreden met Bas als Life coach. Hij heeft me geholpen mij bewuster te maken van mijn patronen. Hij luistert goed en weet me op een prettige manier uit te dagen het beste uit mezelf te halen. Dit heeft mij een betere balans en meer rust gegeven, zowel in mijn privé leven en in mijn carrière.
Chris Cave
Bas is a fantastic coach and has really helped me change my habits and live my life stress free. He understood my goals and how to achieve my results in a way my brain could cope with. My life has changed for the better thanks to Bas.

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